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ProEUHE game series is designed and developed based on the goal of exploring famous landmarks in Europe. The game is developed on 2 main devices, which are PC and Mobile. The ProEUHE game is divided into 4 mini-games: Poong, Memories Match, Flappy Chick and ProEUHE Quiz


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A book that focuses primarily on the core understanding of the EU’s study processes will make it easier to know the transfer systems, procedures as well as accumulation systems if you are interested in the program study and work in Europe.

Brush up your knowledge about the higher education system in the EU!

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The Handbook treasureopened in proeuhe


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Are you looking to learn about Europe without knowing where and how? Our short videos will show you how. ProEUHE is a channel filled with a system of videos showing interesting facts about Europe, the channel also provides useful video sets with colorful and creative images, easy to understand and use animation related to learning and working transfer processes and systems in Europe.
Through 20 episodes, the ProEUHE channel is going to help you become more familiar with higher education in Europe. We have chosen to feature about the education and training system and go over the processes, associations, facts, and so much more!